10 Notes from a Blue Bike Quotes

Jul 15, 2020


1.“Do the choices I make line up with how I really want to live?”

2.“Life on earth is far too short, and we were each created with such notable talents that it’d be a travesty to while them away on work we don’t love.”

3.“To realize that the real hidden cost of everything you buy—is how much life it cost you to get it.”

4.“Do whatever it takes to increase your sensitivity to the little things in life you wouldn’t otherwise notice, much less savor, if your autopilot setting is hurry. You’ve got to power down frequently enough to enjoy the effects of intentional living.”

5.“I’m convinced that parents are the most essential key to unlocking the next generation’s curiosity, creativity, and innovation. So much can be said for providing a home full of books, art supplies, open-ended toys, and freedom to wander outdoors. Being stingy with screen time and generous with our attention to a child’s natural interests can translate the message to him or her that learning matters better than any standardized test. And for parents like myself, this may require questioning the same method by which they were educated. Not only has our modern method of education continually declined in its success since we ourselves went through the system; it has left us wanting more—more education for ourselves, and definitely more for our kids.”

6.“People are willing to be brave when they admit their smallness within the enormity of the world, and the best way to understand our smallness is to leave our comfort zones and start exploring, one foot in front of the other.”

7.“We weren’t living the way we wanted because we weren’t making the choices it required. Like so many in our generation of thirtysomething parents, we spoke of a slower, more intentional life, but we expected it to just happen.”

8.“but sometimes not being caught up is okay,”

9.“We were made to live slower than our fast-paced Western culture deems normal. But it means paddling upstream through strong currents.”

10.“The most important instruments we’ve included within our four walls have been around for thousands of years and are still widely available: books. People who read more are naturally better inclined to learn, and people who make reading a habit at a younger age are more likely to spend the rest of their lives reading.”




Jun 26, 2020

It doesn’t always feel like it, but we do have the freedom to creatively change the everyday little things in our lives so that our path better aligns with our values and passions.


It’s about living life, instead of life living us..it’s about living with intention

Jun 26, 2020

We all live busy lives. It seems that society applauds jam-packed schedules and frowns upon those that aren’t busy 24/7. I personally don’t like to be so busy that there is no time to chill with my family.


Notes from a Blue Bike Review: so inspiring that it's a big part of why I'm writing here at all

Jun 26, 2020

This has to be more than just a review of Tsh Oxenreider’s Notes from a Blue Bike: The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World; I found the book so inspiring that it’s a big part of why I’m writing here at all.


Notes from a Blue Bike Reviews

Jun 26, 2020

This book was recommended to me by a friend when my family decided to go off the grid for four months. We were planning on world schooling our then 6 and 8 year old girls while traveling.